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Bookshelf at the Coalmine, Winterthur.

A list of children’s books sensitising on cultural diversity, inclusion and social inequalities can be found on my website One Humanity.

The book Where Children Sleep by James Mollison portrays children around the world and their sleeping places, from rich to poor, from a monastery, to a children’s home, a tent, a field, a penthouse.


“All people want to be treated with dignity and respect.
All people want to be asked rather than told to do something.
All people want to be informed as to why they are being asked or ordered to do something.
All people want to be given options rather than threats.
All people want a second chance when they make a mistake.”

– Police officer George Thompson

How to raise a feminist son

Let him cry.
Give him role models.
Let him be himself.
Teach him to take care of himself.
Teach him to take care of others.
Share the work.
Encourage friendships with girls.
Teach ‘no means no’.
Speak up when others are intolerant.
Never use ‘girl’ as an insult.
Read a lot, including about girls and women.
Celebrate boyhood.

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